When we come together we can create greatness. Our programs and projects transcend communities and grow livelihoods.

"The youth need to be enabled to become job generators from job seekers." - A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

Technical Skills Programme

Y4D provides vocational training programme that aims to empower our young women and youth in the community. Y4D has established a training centre in our community and provides classrooms and on-the-job training to various project sites. 

Aside from theory, students are taught soft skills to help them perform better in life. Skills include financial literacy, personality development, communication skills, career and CV development, and so on to prepare them for their future careers as a result.

The skill training programme will benefit underprivileged youth from rural, peri urban, and urban areas. They will also be given placement opportunities after completing their training, allowing them to become financially independent.

Theme: Livelihood

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Climate Change and Environmental sustainability

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Tree Planting

Y4D has planted over 30,000 seedlings as an initiative towards a greener, cleaner and sustainable community towards climate change. Tree plantation is also an income generating activity for the youth as they are taught how to plant various trees and their benefits. 

Through tree planting we are working towards less pollution, rich biodiversity, controlled temperature fluctuations. 

Y4D’s plantation drive will contribute to reducing the degree of hazards being caused due to an increase in pollution and risk of disaster as well as support the nearby local stakeholders to earn additional profits or benefits from the program.

Digital Training & Resource Centre

Digital Literacy has become a need in the 21st century and will remain in demand through out. However, Kenya’s ICT capabilities, in government schools remains a challenge largely because of lack of availability of digital Infrastructure and gigitally Unskilled Teachers. To overcome this challenge, Y4d seeks to establish a tech learning environment for unemployed youth by setting up a digital centre with computers under its flagship program, Digital Transformation, in order to digitally equip them. As a result, the youth will become more digitally literate, reducing the digital gap.

Theme: Agriculture and Livelihood


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Kangundo, Machakos

Integrated and Circular Technologies for Sustainable city region Food Systems in Africa (INCTiS-FOOD)

Current African city region food systems fail to deliver food and nutrition security (FNS), health, and environmental sustainability. INCiTiS-FOOD develops scientifically underpinned circular agri-food technologies and practices, suitable for African cities. The context specific socio-technological use cases of INCiTiS-FOOD address the prevalent deficiency of animal sourced foods, vegetables and fruits. Hydroponics, aquaponics, and insect farming hold great promise because they require limited land, water, energy, wealth and reduce waste. Hydroponics and aquaponics infer soilless, circular vegetable and fish farming enterprises. Using an interdisciplinary approach, inclusive and scalable business models are developed for these enterprises, contributing to thriving and collaborative communities.

This circular food system thinking improves FNS, delivers safe, affordable, nutritious, and healthy food, reduces waste and the environmental footprint in African cities.

INCiTiS-FOOD follows a multi-actor approach for co-design and co-creation of circular agri-food innovations and business models, involving 8 city Living Labs in 6 countries from 3 African regions (East: Kenya; West: Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone; Central: Cameroon, Gabon). The project aims for its innovations and businesses to attain a technological, societal, and business readiness level of TRL-7, SRL-7, and BRL-5, respectively. INCiTiS-FOOD agri-food innovations and business models will be widely adopted because their research and innovation maturity are proven by a large-scale demonstration as part of the Cascade Fund (1,000,000€). International ecosystem building is promoted by the digital INCiTiS-FOOD Platform on SmartAgriHubs.eu to support African innovation actors. In strengthening resilience, inclusiveness, and FNS, INCiTiS-FOOD guides policy transformation by adhering to the EU Taxonomy Regulation and Milan Urban Food Policy Pact.



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