Our Approach

Our aim is to support inclusive society for youth & women through education, health, job creation and civic participation,


We believe skills development to be a fundamental prerequisite for vulnerable community members to become economically empowered. Developing the capacity of youth and women will improve their likelihood of employability, income generation, and ultimately freedom to escape intergenerational cycles of violence, drug-misuse, economic dependence and poverty.

The greatest barrier for youth and women to compete effectively in the workforce has been a lack of skills; we provide a solution to this through technical & vocational skills training.

We offer tailor-made Skills trainings that contextually fit the needs of the local populace, through affordable tuition fees and are relevant to the demand and market.

These skills training ultimately contribute to job creation and a sense of independence.

Our Strategy

youth engagement

Digital Transformation and ICT

Skills training & capacity building

job creation through Entrepreneurship

gender equity




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